Joana Nicolas, born and raised in the Philippines, graduated from college in 2016 with a cum laude honor in BA Broadcasting. From this college experience, she discovered her love for video production, specifically, the video editing process.

After quitting her first job as a job order employee in a government office, she decided to jump into (at that time) an unknown and scary world of online freelancing. She started pursuing more creative online gigs like writing, social media marketing, and photography.

And since then, she has never looked back to a traditional office job. She decided to stay on the digital work-from-home freelancing route and braved her way into interviews and client calls.

Fast forward to today, she has built an excellent portfolio and client experience to confidently handle much bigger projects and opportunities. She helps younger aspiring video editors learn the ropes of the freelancing industry and teaches them the things she wishes someone had passed down to her.

Work with Jo

Who is her ideal client?

  1. A Youtuber who needs to stick to their upload schedule but still have a life.
  2. A course creator who wants to focus on the quality content they want to provide.
  3. An influencer who wants to grow their audience but also live a balanced lifestyle.
  4. An entrepreneur who just wants to change lives, build a business, and share their journey through video.
  5. Someone who understands the power of online video content and wants to dive into the game.

If you're any of these, I think we should connect!

You'll probably be better off handing your video editing here than doing all the grunt work yourself.

You know how editing videos takes a lot of time and effort for someone who just wants to become a full-time Youtuber? Well, Joana's Multimedia, a done-for-you video editing service is the perfect solution to that.

You can start outsourcing your video editing needs to her through her legit and established government-registered business entity, Joana's Multimedia Services.

Joana's Multimedia Services' top priority is to take off the burden and hassle of long video editing sessions from you.

You can't live out your best life if you're stuck behind your monitor, editing your precious earth hours away.

With this done-for-you video editing solution, you can easily film multiple Youtube episodes in one sitting. Send the files, and get a finished and well-polished video ready for publishing! Easy as that!

Interested? Let's connect!