"Complacency is the worst trait to have, are you crazy?"
- Adele, Woman Like Me, 2021

Let's talk about growth, let me hear about your dreams!

Imagine getting older but not growing. Imagine yourself maybe five years from now and remaining as you are right now. That is a scary thought for me.

I don't want to get stuck. I don't want my river of ideas and creativity to stop flowing like a dried-up riverbed on a summer day. Always think that there is room for improvement, there is always a next level that we can strive for.

It may be uncomfortable or inconvenient but we have to keep trying to find our limits. We need to continue discovering things about ourselves. Let's explore our interests and keep learning about things that we might be passionate about.

In constant motion, we flourish, we grow, we bloom. What a wonderful life it would be to know that you've lived as much as you can.

Find joy in learning. Do not be quick to dismiss new things. In my field of work, those who embrace novelty and mix it with the old shall endure. New developments are always at our heel, we should keep our minds open to the possibilities that it would bring.

Be scared of complacency. It's the cousin of thinking you already know everything and you're ripe. Do you know what comes after ripeness? Rot. Stay green.

Dream about big things and start action in small steps.