I have worked with US, UK, Germany, and Australia clients. Here are some of their feedback on my work.

Testimonial from Josh Schonert (JKSchonert Marketing)
Testimonial from Matt Schell (Thousand Ant)
Testimonial from Nate Gell (Eskate Hub)
Testimonial from Charlie (Writing Mastery Academy)

Recent projects...

Short film

This is a short film I edited in July of 2022. I was also involved as an assistant director during the production of the film. This short film was originally for an exclusive web program but was recently published on KDR TV.

A peek into the timeline

Here's a quick peek into the timeline of "Eddie Ikaw Na."

Product review videos for Youtube content creators

Eskate Hub - Electric skateboard reviews and news

Reviewing products takes a lot of time, not just for testing the product but also for filming, scriptwriting, and communicating with sponsors.

I help creators spend more time doing the things they love by taking the grunt work of editing.

Talking Head Videos

This is a prevalent type of video for content creators, talking head commentary-style videos.

Making this type of video is an excellent strategy to increase engagement with your audience. People like relatable content, and making videos where you can show them things that feel familiar is a perfect way to gain their interest and attention.

Educational videos

Kiwi Golf Japan - Golf videos, tips, and analysis
Jessica Brody - Bestselling author and founder of the Writing Mastery Academy

This is the most popular type of content that I create for clients.

Making these kinds of videos is also scalable because clients can shoot multiple videos in one day and send the files; I handle all the stuff in the background.

Meanwhile, they can relax, have fun, and focus on other stuff they want to do.

Music videos

Music videos and covers are always fun pieces of content to produce. For these kinds of projects, I also usually do videography.

I also have a fantastic music producer who conceptualizes and arranges the music for these videos.